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Difference between CBSE and Cambridge syllabus – A Perspective

School is where personalities are built. This is the reason why, parents while deciding on which school to apply for, should also have a fair knowledge about the types of boards the schools are offering.
For example, at KENNEDY HIGH the global school, we offer two types of curriculum – CBSE and Cambridge curriculum.
While most of the boards are keen on providing a holistic learning experience to the students, there are certain key features that make them different.
As a parent it is always good to know about these key differences before taking a decision as crucial as which board to choose, as this is the decision that will frame the foothold for a student’s future choice of subjects and career.
Which is why we at KENNEDY HIGH the global school, ensure that as a parent you have enough knowledge in hand about the curricula, before choosing one for your child.
Here are few important points about the two boards that KENNEDY HIGH the global school offers, that will help you to understand the key differences, and then make the choice.

CBSE vs Cambridge

  • The Definition
    The Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national curriculum. Being a board born in India, it is widely accepted within the country, and is highly popular.
    The Cambridge curriculum known as Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) is) is a part of the world renowned University of Cambridge, UK and accepted by schools across the world.
    KENNEDY HIGH the global school is directly affiliated to University of Cambridge, UK, and therefore authorized to conduct all the assessments of Cambridge International Education.
  • The Key Difference
    The key difference between both boards is the end goal.
    CBSE is framed to provide a more robust and holistic form of education to students who are willing to build and grow in India. The board provides a foundation for competitive exams in India such as IIT-JEE, NEET, UPSC, CLAT etc.
    Cambridge curriculum is more about intellectual rigour. It offers an international curriculum, and is feasible for people who wish to relocate abroad in the future. It is more of a global learning community.
  • The Experience
    As per the students who have had an exposure to both the boards, the experiences differ.
    While some feel that CBSE is much easier and prepares students for building a strong base, especially in Science and Maths, there are others who think that CAIE has a practical approach and allow students to focus on creative thinking and problem solving.
    At Kennedy High the global school, we take it as our responsibility to provide our students with the best facilities, no matter which board they belong to. Robotics programme provided by the school is an example.
    This programme is offered to students of both the boards.


Both the boards have the potential to nurture the kids; however when it comes to making a choice it is always better to take the decision based on the child’s interest and ability to learn and grasp knowledge.
Apart from this, if as a parent you are confused, and unable to make a choice, then you can always approach us. Having been in academics for more than a decade has helped us to mature well as an educational institution, and provides us to the ability to counsel you well.

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