What Students Say

My primary years have been wonderful as the teachers powered me through a dynamic 4 years at Kennedy.
The various competitions held by the school has created a sense of healthy competition which made us students better as a person.
The cultural department of Kennedy has brought our creativity and talents inti limelight.
The sports department has made us physically fitter and has taught us sportsmanship.
The staff are amazing as they work hard to provide uus with the best facilities and learning as possible as they now how important the foundation for a student is.

Saketh k. , X - I

This school has brought out the best in me. I have learnt the importance of social interaction, empathy, and essential life skills and have been able to carve ut the best version of myself. Going into my 10th year here as a student, I can say with complete conviction that the school with its holistic environment and supportive teachers have been the most significant contributors to what I am today. Thank you.


Udita Gowdety, X - I

In the 9 years I have been studying at Kennedy High the global school I have never once felt alone. It always felt like there was always someone right by your side, ready to help you take anything head on. The teachers are extremely dedicated and loving no matter what kind of a person you are. They vow to make every child the best version of themselves and it really does show. No compromises are made in any aspect and the standard of education is really up there. If I had to relive my school life I can assure you I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Nihar, X - I

I am a student of class X and have been studying in Kennedy High since the last 10years. I have a high regard for my Alma mater for it has helped me in realising my potential and bringing the best out of me. My dreams and aspirations were taken care of and opportunities were provided by the caring teachers .The knowledge gained is a treasure for lifetime.


Priyanshu D.

My journey in Kennedy high was fabulous. when I look back I feel that everyday was a learning experience for me. My teachers were very supportive and they encouraged me through out. School not only thought me studies but also it helped me to develop my personality and to become strong . Kennedy school helped me to become a complete person.


Mahika K

Kennedy High the global school has been a place where I learnt to slip out of my shell and voice my thoughts with confidence and aplomb.

The teachers here have been very supportive in solving our queries. Their sincere efforts have made us emerge into confident individuals. I thank each one if them!

Aryan Srivastava

The Cambridge curriculum has helped me to have a scientific inquiry mind and has improved my communication skills.

Janisha Bhatia