Field Trip to Sudha Car Museum (Class II)

KENNEDY HIGH the global school organized a field trip for students of class II CBSE to Sudha Car Museum on 8January 2020. The students were very excited as they reached the museum. They were very and enthusiastic to watch the different models of cars. As they were observing the cars, they were curious to know whether the model cars were in working condition or were just for display. They were mesmerized with the creativity and innovative ideas of the inventor. This inventions have really triggered the young minds to think more. The cars that excited them the most were India’s smallest train, Christmas car, Buggy car, Computer car, Helmet car, Chess car, Burger car, Tennis Ball car, Basket Ball car, Laddu car. These cars were made in 1947.The 1950 models of Rolls Royce, Wolseley were added attractions. Some cars really brought smiles on their faces like the Shoe car, Book car, Sharpener car, Pencil car etc., Their field trip ended with cheerful smiles on their faces and they thanked the management of the school for taking them to such a wonderful place.