Field Trip to Birla Planetarium (Class V)

As a part of their learning process, Students of Class 5 went on an educational field trip to the Salarjung Museum on 29th January, 2020. The excitement of travelling with their friends and teachers was very evident amongst the students who carried their belongings and were ready with the games they wanted to play during their bus journey. Fun started with songs, followed by some games, making the journey enjoyable and exciting.
Students walked along the various galleries present in the museum and learnt about the rich heritage carried by the Salarjung family. The coins gallery made students wonder about the complex designs present on the coins.
The most interesting exhibit for the children was The English Bracket Clock at Salarjung Museum in Hyderabad. Students were very excited to witness a toy figure of a bearded man coming out just before three minutes and striking the bell exactly for the number of hours shown by the short hand of the clock. They waited patiently for 12 o’clock.
Students were thrilled to see the European collection comprising of attractive art objects, excellent examples of oil paintings, glass objects, majestic furnitureof ivory, enamel ware and clocks. This left them awe struck and excited at the same time. Children left the museum with many exciting pictures captured in their minds.