Field Trip to Birla Planetarium (Class IV)

Students of class IV CBSE were taken to an enriching and educational field trip to ‘Birla Planetarium’ on 30 January 2020. The students experienced the thrill of an adventure as they witnessed the ‘sky theatre’ which showed glimpses of the galaxy and formation of planets. The students also had an opportunity to visit the ‘Science Museum” where they explored archaeological exhibits.Display of ancient and pre-historic generation excavations caught the eye of every viewer. The ‘3D theatre’ was also an informative session wherein students experienced the evolution of insects in a three dimensional view. Next, students imagined a scientist among themselves as they caught up with extreme high grade science models in an experimental form that was indeed a treat to the upcoming Newtons and Einsteins. Finally, the visit to the ‘Dinosarium’ added magic to the entire experience as the students explored gigantic and extremely majestic models of extinct Dinosaurs. Over all the trip was exciting, enriching, empowering and educative of all and happy smiles stretched across the miles as they returned to school.