75th Independence Day

15 August 2021 marked the 75th year of Indian Independence, completing 74 glorious years of freedom and dignity.

To mark this auspicious event, we at KENNEDY HIGH the global school celebrated this Independence Day with a special cultural program, on a virtual platform.

The celebration started with the display of flag hoisting photo followed by National Anthem. It was followed by an evocative speech by the Chairman, Sri. S.Jamala Reddy. The Principal, Ms.Rajyalaxmi Bhat  also shared her thoughts on this occasion.

Though, due to the ongoing pandemic, this was the second consecutive year of celebrating any event from the safety of our homes, nothing could stop us from coming together to display patriotic fervour for our country.

The cultural program started with PPT Presentations on Freedom fighters and India’s journey to freedom and beyond. Enthusiastic students gave speech in English, Hindi and Telugu. Others regaled the school with their dance performances, lilting musical notes played on instruments and with their mellifluous singing. It was a treat to watch the children showcasing their remarkable talents, while paying homage to the spirit of freedom fighters.