The Pre-Primary phase of formal basic education covers 2 years of vital transition activities before the commencement of primary education. The purpose of Pre-Primary is to set a solid foundation for lower primary learners establishing self-confidence and self-worth through personal and social development. Learning must promote well-being, growth and development of each child as an individual and as a member of the school and society. The aim of Pre-Primary syllabus is to provide a balanced, relevant and coherent program of learning through structured, interactive instructions and activity based learning.


Academic Calendar

Activity Lists


List of Holidays


Session starts in second week of June for PP-I and PP-II
Timing: 8:00 a:m to 3:00 p:m (Monday to Friday)
Subjects Taught
English, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Hindi and Telugu
Faculty-Student Ratio: 1:15 (2 teachers for a class of 25 to 30 students along with 1 helper)
All Air-conditioned classrooms equipped with soft-boards
Access to Digitally Equipped Classrooms to make teaching and learning more effective.
Computer lab gives each student access to one computer each, thus enabling them to learn at their own pace.
The Pre-Primary wing also has a dedicated team of well qualified teachers, physical education, coaches a special educator and soft-skill trainers.

Co-Curricular Arena

Art and craft is integrated with all main subjects so that whatever is being taught is reinforced by hands-on activity.

Tata Edge class rooms provide interactive screen with overhead projector which helps the students learn in a fun-filled way.

Music concentrates on harmony through songs and rhymes based on the lessons being imparted.


Dance focuses on free movement and enjoyment through basic steps, rhythm and beats.


Field trips: The Pre-Primary wing at KENNEDY HIGH takes the children on two field trips every year, one is an educational trip and the other is a pleasure trip.

Kid e-zone is a window to the real world for the little learners. They learn the art of buying and selling through mock markets, in addition, to play zones like Ball pit, Rotational Sand Table, Vertical Play zone, etc.


Soft-skills programme is centred around competitions which encourage and boost a child’s confidence through various activities like public speaking, team work, role play and others during assembly or circle time.

Etiquette room teaches the kids how to behave in different situations or places, be it the drawing room, the bed room or the class room. They are also taught table manners, personal grooming and self-awareness.

3D studio is based on phonetics and visualization.

Intra School Activities and Competitions

To nurture young minds and facilitate imbibing and enhancement of knowledge, many intra-school activities and competitions are conducted throughout the academic year.


Health and Physical Education

The health and well-being of every child is taken seriously at KENNEDY HIGH and thus the focus on Games and Physical activity.

Recreation games aim at free play and circuit games like climbing, jumping, throwing ball, running, skipping, stretching, bending, balancing etc., to develop their motor skills and coordination.
Swimming is one of the main activities which kids learn to love as the session progresses.
Skating helps them learn how to balance and builds self-confidence.

External Competitions and Achievements

To hone the skills of the students and prepare them for the competitive world outside they are encouraged to participate in various Inter School competitions throughout the year.

Celebrations and Events

Celebrations and functions are an integral part of life at KENNEDY HIGH the global school and more so in the pre-primary wing. Be it Vanmahotsav, Ganesh Chaturthi, Pongal, Bonalu, Christmas, Eid, Batukamma or Janmashtami, one can see enthusiastic and joyful participation by these little angels. Needless to say, other than these, Annual day and Sports day celebrations are looked forward to with great excitement by each student of this wing.

Pre-Primary Assembly

Regular assemblies by the Pre-Primary wing at KENNEDY HIGH the global school provides a platform for the tiny tots to showcase their special talents and skills.