School is where personalities are built. This is the reason why, parents while deciding on which school to apply for, should also have a fair knowledge about the types ofREAD MORE
Independence and the ability to hold yourself high is a big boost to your self-confidence and self-esteem. To most, the idea that they don’t need to depend on someone elseREAD MORE
Every day, children face different types of problems ranging from academic difficulties to fights with friends to problems on the sports ground. Yet, very few of them have their ownREAD MORE
Do you know that by recycling, ‘one aluminum can’ can save enough energy that can power your ‘TV for around three hours?’ That is how important recycling is; it canREAD MORE
Today, India is one of the top destinations for education in the world. With some of the best international schools, colleges and universities, Indian education is valued for its highREAD MORE
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