What Alumini Speak?

Studying A levels at Kennedy High was one of the best choices that I had ever made. For an affordable price, it offered me high quality education with highly experienced teachers. Moreover, A level teachers gave me enough advice on the process of applying to universities abroad. Most of my classmates had a dream to study abroad, and all their dreams have come true. All thanks to Kennedy High and its teachers. They ensured we did well not just in our studies but also in our future undertakings. The unique part was that I was exposed to individual thinking and doing things independently which is now greatly helping me at the university.  At present I am pursuing my degree in Chemical Engineering from Xiamen University, Malaysia.

Chaitanya Kumar
2017-18 Batch

I am very privileged to be from the 1st Batch of Cambridge A level curriculum from KENNEDY HIGH the global school. Leading this batch as a Headboy has also increased my sense of responsibility, accountability and commitment towards my life. KENNEDY HIGH the global school has taught me a lot of skills to become an independent thinker and I have become confident and open to various experiences.

Academically Speaking, Cambridge curriculum changed my perspective on how I look at the world. Though shifting from an Indian Board to an International one has created a lot of initial challenges for me, the effective curriculum planning, personal student teacher interactions and continuous support from management helped me override the obstacles and become competent. Currently I am in a Liberal Arts University and find that the common subjects of A level Maths and English Language which I studied at KENNEDY, are largely helping me in research, interpreting things, as well as reading and analysing large amounts of texts from diverse subjects.

I strongly feel that in the later stages of my life, the seeds sown by Kennedy will help me reap the benefits and reveal in my achievements.

Ashutosh Vanaparthi
A Level

My life at Kennedy

Being a shy kid who usually took considerable time to settle in a new environment, I was amazed to see myself open up pretty soon in the vibrant atmosphere I found myself in when I joined Kennedy High the global school in Grade 9. I was able to settle down and be a part of the school within no time, kudos to the efforts of my teachers who need to be lauded here for creating the perfect pitch to bat on.

The School Management and the Principal provided a healthy environment for me to study and engage in various extracurricular activities, helping me hone my persona. Being a guitar player myself, I was happy to know that I could opt for guitar in cultural activities. Learning at Kennedy was always fun as it provided tools such as smart boards and animations to generate interest in the students.

When I graduated to class 10, I saw no difference in the dedication and hard work of my new teachers. The support and motivation provided by my teachers helped me learn and work hard. I saw my teachers as “Solution providers” who were always approachable. They were always there to stretch out for me and be there when I needed them the most. Due to the collective efforts of each one of the teachers, my parents and my hard work and dedication, I was able to achieve this result.

Prajwal Tiwari
2019-20 Batch

Kennedy is a wonderful place to study. From the campus to security to the faculty, everything is perfect. The principal, the teachers, everyone is so supportive, they help you with your academics and everything. I’ve been a part of Kennedy for 2 years. The school gives opportunities to all students equally as I had become a head girl in grade 12 being in the school for only one year then. Being head girl in the school brought a lot of qualities in me such as leadership, responsibility. The teachers are constantly encouraging me to do my best. It is great knowing that they are there to help me reach my full potential.

And coming to my result being a student of maths and bio both, I had never imagined to get the percentage I got. I am very happy. And this is because of the support the teachers gave me and the trust that they showed in me, that I can do it. Not only me but all the students were supported by the teachers. The respective subject teachers visited the exam centre and wished us luck which boosted are morale alot.

From academics to extra-curricular activities Kennedy leads in all ways. It would be a definite suggestion to everyone to join Kennedy from my side.

Shemouli Kapoor
2019-20 Batch