Fit India School Week 2021

6 December 2021 to 11 December 2021

Day 01

KENNEDY HIGH the global school began the week -long celebration of Fit India School Week on 6 December 2021 on a high note with the following two activities, both online and offline.

PLEDGE: All the students along with their teachers took the pledge to keep fit physically and mentally by following a healthy and balanced diet and through regular exercise.

DANCE: A dance routine based on Indian classical form on the theme “Freedom and fitness,” was presented by the dance teacher and followed by all the students enthusiastically. This event brought home the fact that fitness can be fun and yoga can be incorporated in dance for flexibility and mental peace.

A few glimpses from Day 01.

Day 02


The students of KENNEDY HIGH the global school completed Day 02 of Fit India School Week 2021 by participating in a quiz based on Sports, Yoga, Metal awareness, nutrition and other fitness related questions. They enjoyed flexing their mental muscles during this fun-filled exercise. Some snippets from the event are shared below.

Day 03


Day 03 of Fit India School Week 2021 at KENNEDY HIGH the global school focused on the importance of balanced diet and nutrition for a healthy body and a healthy mind. A PPT was presented by the teacher in every class and after the presentation, a lively discussion took place on the benefits of healthy eating and the pitfalls of eating unhealthy food. A few snapshots of the celebration are shared here.

Day 04


While physical exercise and a balanced diet are a must for good health, the importance of mental health can never be underestimated. On day 04 of Fit India School Week 2021, Ms. Rajyalaxmi Bhat, Principal, KENNEDY HIGH the global school, highlighted the need for good mental health and shared valuable tips with the students on how to be mentally fit. The students felt inspired by the talk and interacted with their teachers on how being mentally fit can make them more productive and happy human beings. Here is a quick look from the occasion.


Day 05


The penultimate day of Fit India School Week 2021, day 05 was all about meditation and Yoga. Soothing music played while students immersed themselves in meditation, which is a daily morning ritual at KENNEDY HIGH the global school. This was followed by a video on different asanas, demonstrated by the Yoga teacher, with the students following the step by step instructions and emulating the poses. Here is a peek into the activities conducted.


Day 06


Fit India School week 2021 ended on a positive note as parents and teachers downloaded the Fit India mobile app and assessed their own fitness levels. The students showcased their creativity by participating in a poster making competition on the theme, “Freedom from sedentary lifestyle”.